Responsible Travel

  • Responsible Travel Policy

    Policy Aims

    The overall aims of our policy are the following:

    • Developing and implementing practical sustainable tourism solutions to help protect and enhance Peru as a Tourist destination.
    • Promoting Peru as a highly valued responsible tourism destination for visitors.
    • Co-ordinating and managing  the delivery of tourism and related projects with the objective of contributing towards the economic, environmental.


    Inkaperuterra promotes responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, respecting and benefiting local people. We believe that sustainable, sensitive tourism is an invaluable help to developing the communities and preserving the environments of Peru. Our aim to encourage more people to visit Peru by promoting supremely enjoyable and informative trips whilst maximising the benefits these generate for the local economies, environments and host communities in Peru.

    Economic Responsibility

    Our most important responsibility is to ensure that the financial benefits of tourism are passed down throughout the entire company and our country, including the office staff, guides, trekking staff (porters, cooks, and horsemen) and the mountain communities in which we work. We have listed below some of the measures that we have taken to ensure that this is done.

    • Using suppliers, products and services locally that are the most ethical option available. This includes being prepared to pay reasonable additional prices compared to other options available on the market.
    • Employing local people directly wherever possible in our operations overseas e.g. local tour guides.
    • Supporting local tourism initiatives, where available, such as the rural tourism in local communities.
    • Encouraging our customers to purchase locally manufactured products rather than imported alternatives, and buy gifts and crafts from local shops and markets.
    • We pay our trekking staff such as cooks and porters well above average wages, on time and just after finalize the trip.
    • Our porters have been carefully selected from three communities in the mountain villages around Cusco Pisac and Lares Quiswarani.
    • Inkaperuterra is recognised as honestly paying taxes (19%) to the State and recognized by all Peruvian Tourism Institutions SUNAT
    • When an overseas tour company sends the money to a Peruvian tour company who will actually operate your trip, this payment is exempt from tax (basically so you don’t end up paying sales tax twice). That means that if you buy a trek or tour with a tour company outside of Peru you are not contributing towards the Peruvian economy in the form of sales taxes.

    Environmental Responsibility

    We provide suggestion on how best to support the local economies and communities, as well as the surrounding environment. Furthermore our tour guides are well-educated multilingual people (they speak Quechua) who can offer guests their skills as an interpreter and offer up-to-date details on current national and regional issues.

    Environmental degradation, landfill, and scarce water resource are all very important issues faced by most of the countries in the world. Instead of feeling powerless in the face of these problems we prefer to focus on what we can do.

    • We use biodegradable cleaning products (soap, detergent) – the passengers must use these products. They may be a little more expensive but we will be using river water that is up to now still very clean and we want it to stay that way.
    • We have a zero litter tolerance. We make sure that waste disposal is done in the appropriate places.
    • Never go to the toilet directly next to fresh water sources such as lakes and rivers. Use the designated latrines.
    • Retain all batteries for proper disposal in cities.
    • Whilst we must use vehicles as support on our trips, we make an effort to ensure that the vehicles are in good condition, are running efficiently and not emitting undue amounts of emissions.
    • Avoiding wastage of resources such as electricity and water by e.g. turning off electrical equipment when not in use
    • Providing guests with information and advice about how they can minimise environmental impacts and advice about how they can reduce their consumption of resources (e.g. fresh water).

    Social Responsibility

    Inkaperuterra promotes responsible tourism. By integrating social responsibility into our core business, we hope to increase the benefits for humanity while working in harmony with the environment. Our goal is to share our social responsibility policy with all of our staff.


    We value and respect diversity when hiring, and believe in participative management, fair payment policies, professional development,  good conditions and safety at work, personal and family development and good treatment of subcontracted personnel.

    We employ professionals local and native staff with many years experience and pay our trekking staff such as cooks and porters well above average wages, on time and just after finalize the trip,   they are not overburdened, and we are organized enough to ensure a safe pace along the trail.


    Inkaperuterra aims to work with providers who share our social responsibility philosophy of offering our clients the highest quality while respecting our communities and the environment.


    • We promote the participation of the communities in which we operate by contracting local guides, drivers, and executives. We are currently working on a pilot program in a small Andean community that we hope to replicate throughout the Andean region.
    • Keeping all group sizes small (max 10 people) to prevent our holidays becoming too intrusive on local communities. This has the added benefit that all customers are able to benefit from the knowledge of our local tour guides.
    • Only introducing tourists to areas where the local communities welcome them. Before adding new destinations to our programme, Inkaperuterra will always ensure that the local people are happy with this and fully aware of the possible impacts of tourism.
    • Always treating people with respect, observing their cultural traditions and avoiding patronising attitudes. Encouraging our customers to do likewise, by providing them with information about cultural/religious traditions and values and encouraging them to learn some basics in the local language.
    • Using local guides who can help guests to understand local customs and traditions interact with local people and ensure at least a minimum level of local involvement in our holidays.
    • Supporting community development projects (e.g. schools) either directly or indirectly through our suppliers. With the growth of Inkaperuterra, we aim to initiate and develop new community projects, in areas where these could be beneficial to the local people.
    • Continually monitoring the social and political issues in our destinations, at both a local and national level, and communicating all relevant information to customers prior to departure.
    • We place great emphasis on informing our visitors through good local guides who can pass on local information and provide an insight into the host destination in a culturally sensitive manner through our guides.